Vacuum packing machines

Vacuum packing machines with one or more chambers for vacuum packing in line with our flowpack machine. Perfect for vacuum packing cheese, pizza, meat and fish, using barrier film that maintains the hermetic seal. Without using pre-formed bags, our solution allows creation of a bag starting with the reel “to measure” with enormous savings in material. What is development, if not an optimal result for minimum consumption? The world is always moving forward and our technology is ahead of it.

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Based on the clients' needs, customised layouts are designed with one or more vacuum chambers
Speed: based on the product and the vacuum required, customisable layouts are available.
The packaging machine creates the bag from the film reel to measure for the product, thereby eliminating the need to purchase expensive, pre-formed bags in various dimensions.
The complete vacuum packing line is composed of a side sealing machine with a sealing system and chamber.
Versions available with MAP, modified atmosphere.
Versions available in washable stainless steel externally or totally in stainless steel IP 65.
Versions available with multiple vacuum chambers for high speed.
Vacuum packing machines
General featuresThe huge versatility of the machine allows packaging of the various types and dimensions of products with automatic vacuum packing in line starting from the reel.
The solution for vacuum packaging various types of food products.
Automatic vacuum packing machine working with film on a reel, flat or mono-folding. This major innovation means pre-formed bags are NOT necessary, saving 40% on film costs. The only automatic machine in line available that works with a reel to create vacuum packing. More versatility and huge savings. Multi-format machine WITHOUT rigid forming machine and no pre-formed bags.
Specific featuresCantilever structure: allows easy cleaning and access to the machine. Particularly suitable for the food sector. It can be combined with a cantilever heat shrink tunnel with opening chamber and additional cantilever conveyor belt. Vacuum packing lines are also available painted, non-stainless steel, for non-food products.
The packaging machine can be sold separately and integrated with a vacuum packing chamber, or in line with the chamber manufactured by us.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Tor
Vacuum packing chamber sized to work with the products to package. Configurations available with 2/3/4 chambers.
Film unwinding with triangle for flat film or mono-folding from reel. Rapid and simple format change without pre-formed bags. Highly versatile, with savings in material costs.
Intralox conveyors for food or smooth belts which are easily dismantled (based on the product) excellent for cleaning.
Packaging machine with side sealing to form the bag. Sealing.
Gas injection system. Modified atmosphere.
Packaging machine and vacuum chamber connected using belts or diverters, based on the client's requirements. Customised, made-to-measure layout.
Different size chambers available, based on the product.
Possibility of vacuum packing various types of products, even non-food in automatic mode.
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