DM Pack is specialised in the study and the creation of complete systems for packaging and cartoning based on the customer’s speed, versatility and space-related needs. Intuitive, efficient and fast, our machines merge and combine to form compact and versatile lines taylor made. Created and designed in an intuitive and revolutionary manner aimed at achieving two essential concepts, reliability and profit, obtained respectively thanks to:
1) use of high quality, ISO certified components, the robust and solid structure and mechanics of the line, built to work 7 days a week and over 3 shifts per day at high speed;
2) simple and intuitive design, to enable immediate access, easy and fast cleaning.

We focus on completely canter level and accessible structures, practical from both sides with sliding or opening doors that make the machine unique in terms of operability. Rotating touch screen positionable on various sides to allow the operator to work on one side or on the opposite side (right/left). All the mechanics are on view such as the electric box, to allow immediate diagnostics. Most of the movements are motorized and can be saved to allow the operator to work on recipes. The parts with which all the stations/machines are built to compose a line are always the same, all the conveyors are the same, as the bearings and the rollers (which are standard in stainless steel). The entire line has only two types of reducer gear and two types of motors to allow the client to keep a low cost spares kit. The innovative systems used also enable savings in material and energy. The accessories completing our sealing, cartoning or palletising machines have the essential function of creating a real and proper line, joining one station to the other and handling the product according to requirements: turning it, placing it over others, grouping it, etc… All these operations are possible thanks to our accessories and peripheral modules adequate for the application.

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