Box cartoning machines

Our range of box packaging machines includes: cartoning machines for American boxes (RSC), tray packers, tray display and wrap around machines that work with flat boxes, horizontal cartoners for pre-glued cases and carton sleevers. Accessible, compact and robust, they reflect the innovative design on which our range of packaging and cartoning machines are designed. Particular attention was paid to these machines to reduce operator intervention for format change to just a few, simple operations. The Mechanics & Electric Box on view make the machine simple to use, allowing immediate diagnosis. Full access inside the machine since there are no perimeter structures, but a single, central “H” shaped support structure.
Our machines can work with flat cardboard, cases, trays, blanks, pre-glued American RSC-HSC boxes, to facilitate box filling with a vast range of products. We have a complete range of machines for automatic packaging with boxes which can be manufactured and sold individually, to complete packaging lines or in addition to our packaging machines with film or supplying our palletisers.

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Dron Automatic tray packer and horizontal wrap around machines for flat boxes
Ice Automatic carton sleevers for blanks
Gea Automatic horizontal cartoner for pre-glued cases
Geos Horizontal cartoning machines for American boxes (filling from side).
Dom Vertical cartoning machine for American boxes (filling from top).
Sky Vertical tray former - case forming and closing machine