Pallet packaging

Cartesian Pallettiser with Pick & Place or robotic movement to transfer boxes, sleeves  and loose products in an ordered manner, according to the programming layouts, on the pallet, which is inserted in position manually or automatically. Our palletisation systems work with a vast range of products in sectors ranging from Tissue to Plastic, Beverages and food. For this reason, based on the applications, our end lines are designed by taking into account the operating performance and, at the same time, the availability in terms of cuctomer’s needs. For this reason, our palletiser range proposes faster and more automated solutions using robots and complex systems, as well as solutions with very compact and simple palletisation systems with a single bay. We also avail of technologies with an automatic de-stacker, for automatic pallet loading or with “pallets” on the ground, with the addition of automatic interlayering/interflod and automatic pallet wrapping, as well as conveyor belts servicing the palletiser

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Robots Paletizzatore antropomorfo
Tron Cartesian automatic palletiser
Tron single bay
Tron single bay Paletizzatore automatico cartesiano