Star Evo SS

STAR EVO SS Top sealing flowpack

Top sealing flowpack machine whose film wraps completely around the product. The two sides of the film are merged and are sealed above . New generation and design machine, super-accessible and simple to use. Excellent for total packaging and closure of various types of products with flat sheet, heat shrinking film. A highly flexible machine, thanks to the possibility of having it in various sizes; with a fixed rotating, intermittent or box motion bar for simple sealing, wire or knurled and simple packaging or with Euroforo and/or easy opening. It aims to increasingly reduce film consumption and give aesthetically pleasant results. Excellent for food and other sectors.

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Electrical and adjustable film forming triangle for easy format change.
Top, continuous and automated sealer with a first pair of automated and inclining wheels to better wrap the product, approachable based on film input.
Machine with canter level seal bar mouted on linear guides for more fluid, precise and long-lasting linear motion. Intermittent or Box Motion. Pneumatic or motorized bar, based on needs.
Movable, central belt to always work in the centre.
The packaging machine can be combined with shrink tunnels with Teflon net or active rollers. The tunnel can be compact and combined with a packaging machine or separate.
"Open" canter level, accessible structure: perfect for maintenance and cleaning. Front and rear or sliding opening door. Perfect for all fields, in particular plastic, tissue, profiles and all those sectors where products create accumulation of dust or residue.
Electric box on view and easily openable for immediate diagnosis.
STAR EVO SS Top sealing flowpack
General featuresSTAR EVO SS
Compact, simple and flexible flowpack machine to cover an increasingly vast range of packaged products: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastic, food, electrical products, industrial and household products.
Suitable for manually or automatically loaded single or multipack products created with additional systems (stackers, multipack formers, diverters, etc.).
Huge savings in film and energy thanks to the possibility of producing perfectly tight packages around the product.
Extraordinarily accessible structure, allowing work from both sides, 3-position operator station thanks to the rotating touch screen.
Excellent design for maintenance and cleaning. Available in a painted and stainless steel version.
Specific featuresSTAR EVO SS is available in the 'BABY' version with bar width 300 mm; version 500, 600, up to the widest version, 800 mm, with standard height of 300 mm or with optional up to 450 mm. A shrink tunnel from our range can be added to complete the packaging cycle. Thanks to the optional and "double" sealing systems, you can work with all the types of film available on the market: polyolefin, polypropylene, flat or center-folded film, neutral or printed (with Euroforo, with a Handle, with Pre-cutting for easy opening and with "open-close").
Available in intermittent, box motion or rotary version, based on speed requirements.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Star Evo SS
Intuitive touch screen for simple format change. The touch screen can rotate in 3 different positions to allow the operator to work on all sides of the machine, front, back and side.
Film dispenser unit with single or double film rolls with joined seal bar for fast film change.
Connectors to allow prompt connection to reduce the operator's working time to a minimum.
Canter level structure with easy access, cleaning and maintenance.
Electric box on view, positioned up high, perfectly accessible for the operator.
Loading belt to recognise and load the products with conveyors, palettes or cups or directly joined to the previous line.
Built with the same structure and same philosophy, our Flowpack has the top (reel from beneath) instead of the side reel.
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