Handle applicators

Automatic handle application machines for various speeds to give added value to the pack by applying a handle to the single or multipack packaged product, for a safe, strong and convenient grip. It can work with pre-made handles, made-to-measure or laminate adhesive and cardboard to cut handles to measurement. Excellent for applying handles to: multipacks of bottles (milk, water, oil), trays of cans, stacks of A4 paper, rolls of single or multipack kitchen paper, etc.

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Open and accessible structure.
Can be integrated with modular and independent packaging lines.
Speed up to 90 packs/minute.
Special versions for higher speeds up to 100 products/minute.
More compact versions.
Handle application machines
General featuresThe BEL series of handle applicators are used for packages wrapped in shrinking film, on cardboard boxes, bricks, rolls or paper or packaged products in other packages with a rigid consistency. We can apply various types of handles coupled to the adhesive tape: in pre-cut cardboard, reels of adhesive tape pre-handled and handles on reels of paper or polypropylene. There are 4 models available and they respectively enable up to 25, 40, 60, 80 packs per minute, based on the dimensions of the pack.
Specific featuresThe BEL handle applicators are even more versatile allowing use of reels of tape, in paper or polypropylene. The tape on the reels in paper or polypropylene can be coloured or include advertising prints. Production downtime is reduced, given the capacity of the reel.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Bel
Box pre-cutting and box storage system.
Double reel holder for adhesive tape.
Double reel holder for box reels. Optional: handles on reel.
Easily accessible.
Intralox conveyors.
Fast format change with metric rulers.
Can be integrated with most packaging lines.
Adjustable speed and formats.
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