Vertical tray former - case forming and closing machine

Our vertical tray forming and closing machine is the ideal solution for casing small-medium sized products. Thanks to the vast range of solutions available, various types of end results can be obtained. It works with a flat blank, which is picked individually using suction cups from storage where the blanks are horizontally positioned; conveyor belts transfer the blank up to the centring station where a vertical press forms the case.
Case forming takes place using an upper male forming unit and a lower female forming unit. Then, the glue is distributed to form the corners, intervening on the mechanical lifts that fold the corner flap 90°.
The bottom of the case at this point is ready to pass to the next filling stations, which can be carried out by hand by an operator or automatically using the external systems or systems provided by DM PACK (robot, pick & place etc..) and fastening and closure of the upper flaps using tuck-in or hot glue application. There is a dedicated male/female unit for each format.

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Case formation using reliable and precise move ment of the vertical press
Vast range of solutions available: tray formation only, case formation and closure with manual filling, case formation and closure with automatic filling. Automatic filling, according to design specifications, can be actively implemented thanks to integration of robotic or pick & place systems designed by us, or passively by multi-head fillers or other external systems. Alternatively, it can be carried out manually by one or more operators.
Meler hot glue applicator to fasten side and/or upper flaps. Nordson or Robotech available as an optional
Externally accessible cantilever structure. All parts of the machine visible
Siemens or Omron PLC, easy to use. Programs saved via recipe
Precise and accurate tab closure system: closure of the upper part can be carried out using hot glue or tuck-in system.
Vertical tray former - case forming and closing machine
General featuresCompact, robust, accessible and easy to use. Most of the adjustments are motorised, electrical and savable. Phase 1: Case/tray formation using vertical movement; closure and fastening of the corners with hot glue application. Phase 2: Filling, to carry out manually, using external devices or devices supplied by DM PACK. Phase 3: Case closure (if requested), using flap tuck-in system or using hot glue.
Specific featuresStructure in welded and painted steel, also available in stainless steel-aluminium versions and completely in stainless steel.
• Horizontal blanks storage for easy positioning.
• Inverter-controlled quill drive chain.
• Inverter-controlled head formation
• Fast format change using handwheels or electric movements
Details Sky
Large, adjustable blanks storage
Tray formation station only also available.
Suction cups system for precise and accurate positioning of the blank before formation
Glue applicator: MELER or similar
Flexible configurations and layout based on specifications and space, speed and end result requirements.
Touch screen for convenient operator interface when reading and programming machine parameters. Saves up to 25 different programs.
Precise and accurate upper flaps closure system.
Separate case closure station if filling is carried out manually by an operator.
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