Horizontal wrap around and multipack machines

The main function of the machine is to unfold and to form the tray/carton on which the products, previously grouped to form the final multipack, will be placed upon before the tray/carton is wrapped around or closed around them.

Depending on the configuration inside the tray/carton and on the type of product, the loading system and transfer in the machine can be equipped with different grouping/stacking systems.
Depending on how the product comes from the previous line, there could be the need to equip the machine with a: rollover system, rotating system, and/or stacking system.

Once the requested multipack configuration is created, thanks to the aid of pushers and translating trolleys, they will be shifted upon the unfolded tray/carton coming from the cartons storage unit.
From the tray/cartons storage unit, through the use of adjustable plungers, the tray/carton is unfolded and accompanied downwards.

Thanks to the transport chain and through sliding, the carton proceeds along the closing unit where the flaps are closed and glued with hot melt.

In the box motion version of the DRON machine, the tray is loaded from underneath and it is wrapped around the product/multipack coming from the previous line without start and stop.
At the final stage, the exiting box will slide out on idle rolls, whom will facilitate the exiting.

An optional box lengths detecting system via photocell, when installed, will enable the discharge of the faulty trays in favor of the correct trays that, following the programming, will be transferred manually or automatically on a pallet.

The palletizing unit is not included in the offer but it is part of the wide-range of the machines that DM PACK ITALY proposes.

Extracting or implementing specific parts and components of the machine, we can adapt the same way of packing to various formats.

CE regulation certified machine.

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Various kind of outfeed possibilities. Can be followed by any of our other machines.
Compact and solid structure, standard design. Classic opening, bi folding or sliding doors.
Electrical panel is complete with relays, easy to access and is positioned at eye level.
High precision system of product loading, stacking and insertion in cartons.
Opening doors for an easy access to all working areas, for cleaning and maintenance.
Rotating OMRON’s touch screen, up to 100 programs. Easy and intuitive parameters modification.
Carton blanks storage, simple adjustments for easy and fast format change. Great versatility of carton dimensions.
Horizontal wrap around and multipack machines
General featuresCompact and ergonomic, versatile horizontal wrap around and multipack machine, works with a very wide range of different products. The flat blanks storage unit’s height is adjustable in automatic, the length is adjustable through knobs with reference to the position, for fast and easy format changes. The machine can be equipped with additional loading systems (stackers, multipack formers, diverters, etc..). Cartons are collected through plunges, and flaps are closed with a hot melt point.
Extraordinarily accessible structure enabling easy cleaning and maintenance, and allowing work from both sides thanks to the rotating touch screen.
Specific featuresDRON tray packer machine’s tray/carton standard sizes vary from a minimum of 170x100x100 mm to a maximum of 600x600x400 mm. Different formats can be added depending on feasibility. The machine works with both flat cartons for Wrap Around or American (RSC) cartons, and as an option with tray & lid system. Available in intermittent motion and box motion. It can also be used as by-pass machine.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Dron
Carton loading and opening stations are mounted on sliding linear guides for a further accessibility during the maintenance operations.
Flexible infeed belt, adjustable for different products size and grouping configurations.
Automatic pushing system allows the products to be gathered in multipacks or pushed single
Wide carton blanks magazine for different sizes, quick and easy change of format.
Compact and ergonomic machine with easy opening doors on all sides, highly accessible for the operators.
Highly accessible machine in its every part, for quick diagnostic, easy maintenance and cleaning.
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