Horizontal tray packer & wrap around machines

DRON automatic tray packer & wrap around machine that works with flat/laid boxes; its main function is to pick and form the tray/flat box and fill it with previously grouped products positioned in the desired configuration. It can be equipped with different loading, grouping and stacking systems, according to the performance required and the type of product.
Once the required configuration is created, the box is transported towards the closing station where, thanks to the hot melt system, the flaps will be sealed and closed with a spot of hot glue.
The DRON machine is available both in the intermittent version and in the continuous version.

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Various outfeed possibilities of the machine, since it can be followed by any other DM PACK machinery.
Solid and compact structure, standard design. Classic opening, with folding or sliding doors.
Electric box with relay, easily accessible and positioned at eye level.
Different loading and feeding systems, according to the type of product and the performance required.
Full access to all working areas for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Rotating Omron Touch Screen Panel, allowing saving of up to 100 programs. Easy and intuitive parameter changing operations.
Easily adjustable box storage for simple and fast format change. High versatility in box dimensions.
Horizontal tray packer & wrap around machines
General featuresAutomatic, compact and versatile tray packer & wrap around machine, capable of working with a vast range of different products. The box storage height is automatically adjustable, while the length is adjustable thanks to the knobs and the millimetric scale, for rapid and simple format changes. The machine can be equipped with additional loading systems (stackers, multipack formers, diverters, etc.). In the intermittent version, the boxes are opened using suction cups and insertion of the multipack in the tray or box is carried out by a pick & place system or robotic systems. The tabs are then closed with a spot of hot glue, thanks to the hot melt system. The same machine can create and fill trays, wrap around boxes, tray displays and boxes with lids. In the continuous version, the box storage could be positioned down low, so that the laid box rises from below and precisely positions under the multipack that the machine formed in the meantime. The extraordinarily accessible structure allows easy cleaning and maintenance operations and use of the machine from both sides thanks to the rotating touch screen.
Specific featuresThe DRON tray packer & wrap around machine works with flat boxes to create a Wrap around type box, tray displays, trays, boxes + internal or external lid. The standard dimensions of the boxes/trays vary from a minimum of 170x100x100 mm to a maximum of 600x600x400 mm. Bigger or smaller formats are available on request. It is available in the intermittent and continuous versions and can also be used in bypass mode.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Dron
Loading and grouping systems designed to measure of the product to process.
Adjustable infeed belt depending on products size and grouping configurations.
The automatic pusher allows products to be grouped and inserted with precision inside the tray/box.
Large box storage; specific and fast format changes.
Compact and ergonomic machine with facilitated opening on all sides, highly accessible by the operator.
Safe and stable cardboard outfeed thanks to conveyors designed to product measurement.
Precise and accurate pick & place system for positioning of the multipack inside the box in formation
Possibility of creating various types of packages with the same machine: wrap around, bottom + lid, tray. Second box storage for lid application.
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