Splicer reel automatic change system

Centre folder unit or film unwinder with splicer

External Unwinder and Centre Folder Unit to work with flat film also on packaging machines that require center-folded film, allowing faster replacement of the film reel as well as reduction in the machine stops for reel change. Recommended for packaging applications using printed film, for high speed packaging applications or for applications where the products to pack exceed a certain length causing film consumption that justifies purchasing an additional unit to half the machine stops for reel change.

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Accessible canter level structure.
Splicer size based on the size of the product.
Completely automatic splicer with accumulation for quick reel change without stopping the machine.
"Semi-automatic" splicer with double reel holder and joining of two reels (when the first is ending) manually using the seal bar activated by the operator.
Fast reel change. Machine stops.
General featuresThe splicer is a device to physically join film reels to avoid production line stops. It can also be used as an external centre folder unit allowing use of flat film (flat film) also on center-folded film packaging machines, folding the film before entering the machine.
Specific featuresThe splicer, automatic film dispenser unit and the centre folder unit can be manufactured with a single reel support shaft (single reel holder) or with two to enable a faster film change (double reel holder with or without seal bar to enable joining of the two reels). For all types of film (Polyolefin, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Barrier Film) of all dimensions available on the market and all thicknesses.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Splicer reel automatic change system
Automatic version with fast reel change, without stopping the machine and relevant product evacuation system with film joining.
Available in different reel dimensions according to the width of the film to assemble. Perfect movement control of the film along the path.
External, single or double center-folding machine, for fast reel change: semi-automatic with joining of one reel to another, thanks to the seal bar activated manually or with a completely automatic version, without machine stops.
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