Our range of Cartesian palletisers is composed of two available models, capable of meeting clients’ needs in terms of speed, dimensions and final configuration: TRON COMPACT and TRON 4 SIDES OPEN. Designed and constructed on robust support structures, they boast extreme accessibility and are equipped with light curtains to guarantee safe operator intervention, if necessary. The gripper head (pick & place) can be customised according to the type of product to palletise, and is designed to product measurement to guarantee delicate handling and correct positioning before final positioning. Compact design, reduced dimensions and precise and easy use are the main features of the TRON Cartesian palletisers line.

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Robust support structure with extremely reduced dimensions 
Controlled by Siemens or Omron PLC. Easy to use human machine interface (HMI)
The head moves along an alarm that lifts and lowers along the structure of the main frame.
Use of the brushless motor allows high precision in pack positioning
The palletiser is equipped with a centring system that enables receipt of the products always in the same point before they are picked and positioned on the pallet; by doing so, the boxes are centred and correct positioning of the pallet is guaranteed.
After picking, the product is positioned on the pallet placed inside the structure, following the chosen palletisation layout.
OMRON light curtains allow safe operator intervention
The Cartesian Tron compact version is available in 2 heights: up to 1750 mm and up to 2700 mm (including pallet).
General featuresCOMPACT CARTESIAN PALLETISER available with one bay in the compact version, with a single bay: new generation, designed for greatly reduced dimensions, easy use and a contained price. Robust support structure hosting the ball recirculation guides on which the LOADER moves and an arm with gripper head for easy product picking. The loader moves along the Cartesian axes X, Y, Z and is controlled by BRUSHLESS or asynchronous MOTORS with an inverter , based on the speed and precision required. Following the program set, the LOADER moves to the product picking point and lifts it thanks to the gripper head equipped with a vacuum suction system, a suction cups or gripper system, according to the type and weight of the product.
The PALLETISER can be set in the simple configuration called the "GROUND PALLET", where the empty pallet is manually positioned using a pallet truck by an operator. Picking the filled pallet takes place in the same way, manually using the pallet truck by an operator.
Specific featuresMeasurements starting from L 2200 mm x W 1350mm and, based on the pallet, height can reach up to H. 2700 mm including pallet.
Workable pallet measurement: in the compact version: 800*1200 mm and 1000*1200). Height: 1750 mm with pallet, 2700 mm with pallet, Speed: up to 10 movements per minute.
Version: single pallet bay on the ground
Gripper head: suction cups, vacuum.
Dimensions of products: minimum mm. 90x150x100h, maximum mm. 400x600x600h

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