Inclinable packaging machines

Semi-automatic inclinable or vertical packaging machine. Inclinable vertical bagging machine for products inside formed bags starting with flat film (VFFS) which is sealed, joining both flaps, longitudinally to the continuous sealing system. The two ends are sealed and cut by transversal bars.  Manual or automatic activation with the possibility of integrating various loading and filling systems of the bag in automatic mode.

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Tilting surface from 0° to 90° or vertical.
Small and versatile. Easy to adjust. Manual function with button/pedal or automatic using product reading. Siemens keypad.
All the surfaces in contact with the product are in stainless steel, as standard. Version available completely in stainless steel.
Completely automatic version available with loaders for filling and vertical packaging.
Can be used in the food and non-food sector.
Fil roll in high position and easily replaced for fast format change.
Adjustable forming for film opening or fixed forming tube.
Inclinable packaging machines
General featuresVertical inclination from 0° to - 90°, with rapid adjustment thanks to a simple handle. A different inclination change varies the speed of the product dropping. The machine can work in a horizontal or vertical position, in compliance with product requirements. Ideal for products such as fruit and vegetables, bread, sweets, seafood or fresh products, meat, food and non-food products, such as small accessories or small profiles; single or multiple products.
Specific featuresThe forming tunnel of the machine is easily adjustable and adapted to an wide range of dimensions and products, thanks to the wide packaging film reel: up to 680 mm wide. The film can vary in type: polypropylene, polyethylene, perforated or non-perforated film. The packaging is possible thanks to the two pairs of front wheels, automated and sealing, and a motorized seal bar. The same ISO certified components are used for our standard packaging machines. All the parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Zed
A tunnel suitable for packaging many types of different products in a vast RANGE of measurements.
Automated seal bar for the use of various types of film.
Adjustable bag dimensions. All movements on linear guides.
Sealing wheels for sealing and stretching film.
Version available in stainless steel.
Tilting surface from 0° to 90°
The machine can be equipped with an input system that facilitates loading.
Precise product reading using the light curtain photocell.
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