Shrink tunnel

Hot air shrink tunnel. Attractive line, compact and accessible, functional and energy saving. The shrinking chambers retract the plastic film around the product, adapting the film to the shapes and dimensions of the product. New technical solutions reduce consumption to the minimum, thanks to excellent use of the ventilation and hot air recirculation system and production, on our packaging and flowpack machines, with increasingly tight packaging, sticking to the product.

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Based on the mounted optionals, they can heat shrink various types of film, not only polyolefin, including PE also with elevated thickness and shrinkable barrier film.
Electric cabinet on top on view at operator eyes level easy openable
Easy movement, thanks to the handles.
The shrink tunnel can be equipped with various types of conveyor belts based on the type of film and product: silicon active rollers, Teflon-coated mesh, metal mesh, plastic mesh, etc.
Oltre ai Tunnel Monocamera e Bicamera sono disponibili versioni con camere aggiuntive (es. tricamere) per velocità elevate, prodotti molto lunghi o film molto spessi.
In the "Combo" version, where tunnel is built into the same structure of the packaging machine STAR EVO, temperature and air are adjustable from the machine touch screen.
Shrink tunnel
General featuresComplete recycling of hot air shrinking chamber. Adjustable air flow and speed. Digital temperature control. Automatic switch off when the temperature goes below 80 degrees. Transport on rotating or fixed silicone-covered rollers based on the film and the product you are working on. Thermal protector against sudden changes in current. It can be used with all shrinking films, PE with the addition of Teflon-covered belt. For high speeds or very long products, there are versions available with additional chambers.
Specific featuresThe shrink tunnels were designed to solve shrinking problems of various sized products, up to 3000 mm, 600 mm high and can be used with all the shrinking films available on the market. They can support all packaging, flowpack and wrapper bundler machines, maintaining the same shape or being incorporated to the packaging machines, guaranteeing an elegant, ordered and compact line.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Neos
The shrinking chamber of the tunnels can move horizontally thanks to the front handles to centre the products arriving from the packaging machine and always obtain the best shrinking without any need to move the tunnel. Optional no longer necessary in the "EVO" version where the product always runs in the centre.
Intuitive control panel with simple temperature speed adjustments and air flow or available in versions with touch screen adjustments.
Air flow adjustment with inverter, independent (one per chamber).
Teflon-covered rollers that also rotate on themselves, avoiding leaving marks on the bottom of the pack.
Flaps that open and adjust for improved ventilation and, as a result, better shrinking, adjustable from outside.
Easy replacement of the heaters, excellent accessibility to the chamber.
Optional available: straightener for multipack alignment.
Available with openable chamber version for greater accessibility and easy cleaning.
Standard shrinking system with heaters or special with Leister. Perfect for printed film. Avoids deformation of film printing.
Conveyor belt with Teflon metal mesh or rollers, according to the size of the tunnel and the type of film.
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