Sleeve wrapper bundler machines

Uses two reels of flat film that transversally seal, obtaining a heat shrunk bag around the product. The bag, on the side, can be left open (“BULL EYES”), completely closed or sealed thanks to the double side sealers (4-seal machine, “GS2B” system). Our sleeve wrapper bundler machines, which are robust and solid, yet accessible, can be automatic, semi-automatic, in line , at 90°, with built-in tunnel, useful for wrapping single products or multipacks, such as bottles, tins, cans or much more. Excellent for random packaging of products in different measurements. Available in various dimensions, with or without a seal bar (sleeve wrapper bundler with film launch).

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Always bi-chamber tunnel with double fan for cooling the metal conveyor mesh.
Same ISO CERTIFIED components used for the entire range of machines. Siemens panel for simple set-up.
Compact and robust line for simple use. Siemens keypad.
Version in line or with front pusher and belt at 90°.
Mechanical on view, transparent doors for better accessibility and immediate diagnosis.
Sleeve wrapper bundler machines
General featuresThe sleeve wrapper bundler machines range we offer can be used in the packaging of multipack products (such as bottles, cans, tins of animal food, multipackaging of pillow bags, such as pasta, salt, rice, salt,...) or single packs (such as furniture, radiators, ladders, various types of equipment) of medium and large dimensions. They can be equipped, based on needs, with diverters, cardboard loaders, stackers. Automated movements (bar closure and pusher)
Specific featuresPacking machine with two reels of flat film, available in various versions for products from 700 to 3000 mm with a width and height up to 600 mm
Also available in a COMBO version with tunnel built-into the structure of the machine to reduce dimensions and consumption. They can work with various types of Polythene in different thicknesses, neutral or printed. The version with "GS2B" systems allows packaging to be obtained that is closed and sealed on 4 sides (wheels or bars), adjustable to product measurement.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Ares
Also available in a compact version with a built-in tunnel, guaranteeing savings in space and consumption.
The machine can be equipped with a 90° belt and pusher for greater speed and automatic grouping.
Semi-automatic version with manual activating pusher, in strict compliance with safety standards.
90° input. Available in various layouts with product entry from left to right.
Load available: automatic for carton pads/cardboard/trays
All movements on dovetail guides for simple adjustment.
Both reels down low for easy replacement
Standard product press
Automated bar and pusher
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