Highly automated carton sleever

Highly automated cluster carton sleever for single products or multipacks with rotating motorized carton picking system. Compact layout integrated with infeed conveyor, the motor driven infeed pusher and carton picker are precise and energy saving. Partly automatic change over with motorized movements, by touch screen.
This machine is highly accessible and this facilitates the maintenance and cleaning operations.

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Hot melt applicator from Nordson, Meller, Noxon or on the customer’s request.
Programming based on recipes, simple mechanical handwheels and digital counter making the change of three sizes easy, fast and recurring by saving.
Continuous rotating arm to pick blank carton sleeves, extremely reliable and precise.
Rotating touch screen and doors opening on both sides allow the operator to check the machine on both sides. Right and left machine.
Phasers, accelerators the conveyor belts with “gates”, with a reliable timed release mechanism, provide utmost efficiency.
Compact, robust, accessible, open and simple to use. Most adjustments are automated, electrical and can be saved.
Highly automated carton sleever
General featuresHiglhy automated carton sleever, engineered to wrap carton blanks around single products or multipacks. Carton blanks are picked from the carton sleeve magazine and are placed above the product/multipack and folded around it. A hot melt point completes the cycle by gluing together the flaps underneath. The loading of the product onto the machine is done by phasing and accelerating infeed conveyors which ensure a reliable loading timing for maximum efficiency and minimum waste. Mostly automatic change over with motorized movements, by touch screen. This machine is highly accessible and this facilitates the maintenance and cleaning operations.
Specific featuresReduced space required for a high performance machine.
ICE carton sleever machine’s standard carton sizes vary from a minimum of 60 x 60 mm to a maximum of 300 x 495 mm, with products dimensions varying from min 60 x 40 x 20 mm to max 270 x 270 x 130 mm. Different formats are available depending on feasibility.
Standard: painted steel, with galvanized chains, pulley and pinions. Available in completely INOX version, with nickel-plated chains, pulley and pinions.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Ice
Phasing and accelerating in feed conveyor, with reliable infeed timing mechanism that provides maximum efficiency with minimum waste.
Carton loading is mounted on sliding linear guides for a further accessibility during the maintenance operations. Wide carton blanks magazine for different sizes, quick and easy change of format.
Extremely reliable continuous motion and precise rotary arm collects the carton through suction cups and place it above the incoming product.
Side motorized guides or top forming shape conveyor for tight and precise carton sleeve around the product, for a neat final look result.
Quick and easy manual adjustable width on belt by one notch at a time, depending on products size.
User friendly OMRON touch screen, with recordable programs menu system recipe based. Most of format changes and movements are electric and can be recorder and recalled. Machine can be operated from both sides, left and right machine with sliding or bifold doors
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