Diverter for multipack with side label applicator

Automatic multipack system

The system guarantees the arrangement of the arriving products in single file on a single channel, on multiple channels to create the desired multipack. The side label applicator system enables label attachment with hot-melt glue thanks to a mechanical press that ensures its gluing, avoiding product crushing. This station is often used to complete packaging and cartoning lines in the beverages and Tissue sectors, to group products such as: cans, bottles, rolls and many other products of varying nature.

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Diverter, automatic system to create the multipack at high speed. Also available in versions at 90° with pusher.
Side label placement with hot-melt.
Side label applicator with structure independent from the diverter.
Adjustabel label load speed.
Format change speed in diverter thanks to the adjustable channels.
Diverter with motorized loader system
General featuresThe diverter directs the products arriving from a single channel to multiple channels, to create a multipack, in view of sealing or cartoning or palletising. The diverter can also act as a loader where, at high speed, products must be spaced and separated before reaching the package that follows, or a merger in the opposite case: where products arrive from multiple channels must be merged and re-organised in a single row.
Specific featuresThe diverter can be equipped with a side label applicator. The side label applicator system with glue ensures accurate positioning of a non-stick label with the glue point between the product to package and the film.
High quality components, ISO certificated
Details Diverter for multipack with side label applicator
Easily adjustable channels with knobs for multipack creation. Automatic version available with motor for immediate format change without manual adjustments. Format change from touch screen with recipe.
Diverter & loader to phase the products arriving and to create multiple packs with easy adjustments for simple format change. Composed of automated side belts, for precise exchange of products on channels. Merger for products to transport on a single channel arriving from multiple paths or from multiple channels.
Fast format changes, ensured by simple adjustment system. Completely automatic versions available.
Composed of automated side belts for precise exchange of products and transport on channels.
Adjustable channels to adjust the different multipacks and with infinite length. Standard up to 4 channels.
Format automatic loading from gripper (double) unit to pick labels and position labels on the product/pack side with two gluing devices.
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